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Shoots 'n' Forage - Med/Lge Beaks (494 g)

Organic, activated, pre-sprouted and gently dehydrated to preserve nutritional value, this ready to eat blend has been created to complement and enrich your bird's existing diet.
It is sunflower free and contains large nut chunks so that they can be easily removed if preferred for training purposes.
Recommended for Medium/Large birds such as:
• Large Macaws
• Small Macaws
• Large Cockatoos
• Small Cockatoos
• African Greys
• Amazons

Product description

Organic Sprouted Seeds and Pulses:
Mustard; Lentils; Fenugreek; Buckwheat; Mung; Chickpeas; Peas; Pumpkin; Radish; Milk Thistle; Broccoli.
Organic Activated Ingredients:
Walnuts; Almonds; Cashews; Hemp.
Organic Fruits & Vegetables:
Carrot Flakes; Courgette; Fig; Coconut; Bell Pepper Flakes.
Organic Flowers & Spices:
Calendula; Dandelion; Chamomile, Hibiscus; Star Anise; Chilli Flakes; Cinnamon; Ginger Root.

Customer reviews

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  • This is a wonderful healthy mix of ingredients for our precious birdies. It smells yummy and my Grey, Miss Coco loves it…..sprinkled on her fruit/veg chop or on her daily dry food.
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