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Activated Organic Almonds (150g)

One of the most nutritious and delicious nut treats for your feathery friend.
Rich in fibre, vitamin E, iron and magnesium, the humble almond supports heart and brain health, promotes circulation, skin and bone health. A power house of nutrients!

Product description

100% Organic Human-grade Almonds
1. Raw almonds contain natural enzyme inhibitors to prevent them from sprouting in dry, unsuitable conditions. Unfortunately, these natural inhibitors also prevent the almonds from fully releasing their nutrients.
The process of soaking or ‘activating’ breaks down the enzyme inhibitors, following which, all the nutrients are then properly released, delivering a boost of vitamins and minerals when consumed.
2. The same enzyme inhibitors that prevent the release of the nutrients can also make the nuts less digestible than those that have been 'activated'.
3. Activated almonds taste better. Tannins naturally found in the skins of almonds can often taste bitter and be chalky in texture. Once activated, the nuts lose this bitterness and texture and are left light, crunchy and naturally sweet.
Please note, this is a complementary parrot food, not intended for human consumption and not to replace a balanced diet or as a treatment for any medical condition. If your bird is unwell, always seek prompt and is advice from an avian specialist and if your bird is on any treatment, always consult with your your specialist before introducing new foods to your bird's diet.

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