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'Party Paper Preener' Parrot Toy

With loads of colourful crinkle paper overflowing from a large woven vine ball which is hiding inside, the Party Paper Preener Parrot Toy is certain to entertain.
There are hundreds of coloured strands of paper, all begging for your Parrot's attention.
Pulling them out and chewing them up is just great fun!
Providing toys that your Parrot can preen on can help prevent unwanted feather destruction from over preening, usually caused through boredom.
Toys such as this Party Paper Preener Parrot Toy provide you with the opportunity to engage with your bird.
Place some of your Parrot's favourite food or treats inside the colourful jumble of paper or even inside the vine ball itself.
If your Parrot is new to foraging, let them watch you place the goodies inside, and then you can watch as their natural instincts take over!
Foraging is fun, and providing your bird with a mentally stimulating activity such as foraging is exactly what your Parrot's intelligent and inquisitive brain needs.

Product description

Length: 17cm (6¾")
Diameter: 14cm (5½")
Paper, Vine, Wood, Plastic, Leather, Metal.

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