If you're new to Happy Bird UK and wondering about the quality of  
this organic parrot food, here are just a few of the incredibly positive comments that have been received from customers and  
their very happy parrots! 
"Just received our first order... and I have to say, my Eclectus, Snappy, is already enjoying it! So far an A+!" 
Kelly Browning 
"The food is always fresh and they include dehydrated fruit, which is great in winter." 
Pam Durkalski 
"It is a well researched healthy food that you can feel good about feeding to your birds!" 
Andrea Rosner 
"Great to have healthy parrot food options!"  
Carla Fullwood 
"The freeze dried fruits and vegetable options make my life easier and my bird's diet amazing!" 
Belle Pham 
"I have a very fussy yellow crowned amazon; he is well known for throwing any food out of his pots if he doesn’t like the look of it. I was very surprised that when I put the Sprout mix on his stand, he ate half of it immediately! I can highly recommend this!" 
Mavis Alton 
If you can spare 5 minutes to provide some feedback, we would love to hear from you! 

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Pre-Sprouted/Activated Foods 

Highly nutritious - a perfect accompaniment to your bird's diet 

The Beakery™ 

Treats, toppers and foraging mixes 

Avian Teas 

A complementary and enriching addition to our pet's diets 

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Parrot cages, toys, F10 and other health products  
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