Where this organic parrot food comes from 

Happy Bird are proud to stock BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diet®, created in the US by an avian nutritionist. 
All BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diets comprise an enormous variety of carefully selected, RAW, human grade, organic ingredients representative of those that each species of parrot would naturally consume in their wild habitat. These ingredients are individually dehydrated or freeze-dried before being gently compressed together to help ensure a balanced intake of nutrients in every beakful. Unlike extruded pellets, that are created through a high heat process, dehydrating and freeze-drying ingredients means that all naturally occurring digestive enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients are preserved and therefore negates the use of synthetic additives. 
Each, species specific BirD-elicious! formulation has been externally assessed to ensure it meets baseline Guaranteed Analysis (GA) standards. In all cases, the GA standard has been met or exceeded using no synthetic additives. 
BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diet!® species-specific bird foods are fully endorsed and used by Jeannie Thomason, Doctor of Veterinary Naturopathy. Dr. Thomason is an adjunct professor at Kingdom College of Natural Health. 
Here's what Machelle Pacion, Founder of The Best Bird Food Co., says about her products... 
"Our company was conceived around the idea that exotic birds were meant to eat what nature feeds them in the wild. Our feeding philosophy really is just that simple. 
So we set out on a mission to research and study the most popular species of exotic birds that are kept as companion pets in homes across the globe. In our research, we learned that most exotic birds consume primarily berries and fruits in the wild with the intent of reaching the tender seeds within them.  
Of course on the way to the seed, the birds feast on the nutritious pectin that contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, essential carbohydrates, fatty acids, plant proteins with their very own proteases to break those proteins down into free form amino acids, polyphenols in the way of anthocyanins, as well as many volatile oils. 
From start to finish we have researched the very foods captive exotic birds need to thrive not merely survive in homes across the globe. 
While we understand we cannot exactly duplicate what they would consume in the wild, we can mimic those nutrients in similar foods that not only look like but also have similar textures and compositions as well as nutritional properties as the foods exotic birds might find in their natural, indigenous habitats. 
This is what our company has set out to do for these magnificent creatures that live out their lives in our homes." 
Our Theory 
It's simple. Do not remove the kind of foods your birds would naturally consume simply because they live indoors. 
Instead, feed them what nature has intrinsically designed their bodies to thrive on, and also make sure that they receive the amount of exercise their bodies were designed to receive each and every day. 
Any other manner of living is less than they deserve. 
Wondering which foods are right for your bird? 
PLEASE NOTE: We use absolutely no GMOs, no corn, no wheat, no soy, no gluten, no cheap fillers, no dyes or food colorings, no artificial preservatives, no synthetic vitamins, all ingredients are wholesome and pure.† Our foods are not extruded or placed under high pressure using heat rendering the digestive enzymes inactive and eliminating or reducing the bio-availability or efficacy of vitamins. Our foods are gently dehydrated leaving all-natural digestive enzymes intact and alive and all naturally-occurring vitamins as close to their natural state as possible. 
All ingredients are human-grade (except where indicated by ***) produced in a sustainable manner without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, and other harsh chemicals. ( *Indicates a conventionally grown ingredient; **Indicates ingredient that is “Wild-grown, Wild-harvested/derived from the earth or “Wild-crafted; ***FDA does not recognise the ingredient as “human-grade”) +All powders are ensured to be free of any and all preservatives. 
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