Avian Teas from Happy Bird 

Premium Quality | Human-grade | Certified Organic 
It is well known and documented that herbal teas can have a dramatic, positive impact upon our physical and mental health and wellbeing. 
Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, some of the most recognised benefits of herbal teas include: 
Tumour inhibiting 
Immune system boosting 
More recently, whilst not a replacement for specialist veterinarian advice and treatment, it is being acknowledged that the benefits we experience as people can also extend to those of our beloved pets, and it is increasingly being accepted that herbal tea is both a complementary and enriching addition to our pet's diets, enhancing their quality of life. 
With this in mind, Happy Bird is very proud to be working in collaboration with UK owned Bari Tea Bewery, to bring you two unique avian tea blends, 'Moodswing' and 'Fine Fettle'.  
These blends are hand-crafted with human-grade, certified organic ingredients, with properties recognised as helping to alleviate the symptoms of stress, digestive upset and skin health. Side benefits of these properties may help alleviate behaviours associated with hormonal imbalance and poor feather quality. 
Teas can be served steeped as a hot or cold tea, or sprinkled as a foraging treat or topper. So, steep and serve or sprinkle ...and breathe! 

Activated Nuts from Happy Bird 

Rich in Vitamins | Perfect for Treats or Foraging Toys 
Nuts are a huge favourite among parrots and are great as treats or a small snack. 
They are high in protein and fat, and it is recommended to feed one or two nuts a day for most species, although Macaws can take more nuts as they have a higher fat requirement. 
Parrots love nuts, and many parrot species (such as Macaws) require them in their diets. They are part of a parrot's diet in the wild, and contain many of the fats and oils necessary to maintain energy. 
Nuts offered to parrots should be unsalted and human-grade. Note: It is important that you avoid buying animal-grade nuts for your parrots, as they are lower quality and have higher risks of mould. In particular, animal-grade peanuts/monkey nuts are known to harbour the mould Aspergillus flavus, which can cause Aspergillosis in parrots – a very difficult-to-treat disease that has a high rate of treatment failure. Acorns are also not recommended for parrots. 
Nuts with the shell still on can be fed to larger parrots, as this encourages foraging activity. However, smaller parrots will most likely need shelled nuts. 
There are a number of different types of nuts that are suitable for parrots. They include: 
Almonds (highest in protein, calcium and dietary fibre. Can be sprouted) 
To sprout: Soak for 8-12 hours, sprout in 12 hours 
Brazil nuts (highest magnesium content) 
Cashew nuts (highest amounts of trace minerals zinc and copper, lowest proportion of fats) 
Recommended to serve de-shelled, as the shells of cashew nuts contain toxins when very fresh 
Can be fed to your parrot dry or soaked (soak for 2½ hours) 
Hazelnuts (high in protein and nutrients such as manganese, magnesium copper, vitamin E and thiamine) 
Macadamia nuts (highest proportion of fats but lowest proportion of protein) 
Recommended to serve de-shelled as the shells of macadamia nuts contain toxins when fresh 
Pecan nuts 
Can be fed dry or soaked (soak for 4-6 hours) 
Pine nuts - good as a training treat due to their small size 
Pistachios - a great treat 
Can be fed dry or soaked (soak for 4 hours) 

What are Activated Nuts? 

Activated nuts are raw nuts that have been sprouted or germinated by soaking and gentle dehydration processes. 
Activated nuts are not only great for your parrot because they don't contain enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid. They're also great because they contain an increased level of more readily available nutrients. 
The process of activating causes the levels of proteins and essential vitamins to rise above those of un-activated nuts. They’re easier to digest and, because they’ve started to sprout, they’re alive again and full of nutrients! 
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