Hello all, and a very warm welcome to you from Kim and Ginny! 
We are pleased to announce that we are working with a local organic company and will be launching some very exciting new products in April. Look out for more details very soon!! 
We have been parrot enthusiasts and keepers for over 25 years and it is a passion that does not wane. Our own feathery family consists of Ollie, a Black Headed Caique, and 2 rescues, Scottie, a Blue Crowned Conure, and Jim, a Senegal. Observing the dynamics of our small flock is a constant fascination and learning experience. 
Through direct experience of parrot keeping, volunteering for bird organisations and liaison with some key figures in the avian world, we have amassed a wealth of parrot knowledge, particularly around diet, behaviour, health and training. 
In 2013 we launched The Parrot Lodge, a professional parrot boarding service that focuses on bio-security and providing high quality of care and enrichment for all boarding guests. 
We are proud to be the first boarding service in the UK to have adopted such a comprehensive approach to bio-security and privileged to be trusted as caregivers to so many of your precious feathery babies. 
Our commitment to providing the best possible care for our parrots means that we are constantly looking, learning and adapting and, for some time now, we have been digging deeper into how we can improve and better satisfy the nutritional needs of our flock to give them the best possible chance for a long and healthy life in captivity. 
For many years now, pellets (alongside daily fresh fruit and vegetables) have been the most commonly offered advice for nutritional balance, and most definitely in favour of an all-seed diet of questionable origin and quality. 
Here in the UK however, we are at last riding the wave of change. With huge leaps forward in nutritional knowledge being shared by avian nutritionists, there is a visible and audible change in attitudes about how and what we should feed our birds with the term ‘Go Raw’ becoming increasingly familiar. It is a concept we believe should be embraced by us all and is the motivation behind us creating Happy Bird UK
We have been researching and collaborating, blending and testing. Our deliberations have led us to speak with some leading UK avian vets, nutritionists and behaviourists and also with healthfood businesses in the UK and overseas, all with a view to bringing some new and exciting organic foods to market for UK parrot caregivers. 
Our small but unique product range is borne out of a desire to provide premium quality, variety, nutritional enrichment and, in some instances, sheer indulgence for our feathery babies.  
All of the ingredients in our products are certified organic and of human-grade quality and to be offered as a complementary accompaniments (not in place of) your bird's fresh and staple diet. 
Working closely with a UK based, organic health food provider, all of the pulses, seeds and nuts contained within our products have been activated and/or pre-sprouted and then either dehydrated at low temperatures or freeze dried. This means that all naturally occurring digestive enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients are better preserved and therefore more beneficial to our birds.  
You, our customers, have already provided us with great feedback on our small range of products and we are encouraged by your words of support and incredibly grateful for your custom.  
It is our hope and intent to develop more products over time but, for now ... 
Our best wishes. 
Kim & Ginny 

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